After a wave of Hurricane Laura and/or Hurricane Delta filings by the McClenny Moseley & Associates Texas law firm, Judge Cain, of the Western District of Louisiana, noted the inclusion of filings by plaintiffs who have already settled lawsuits, duplicate filings, and filings for damages to properties outside the typical geographical areas with reported damages.

Accordingly, the Court expressed “concerns about this law firm’s representation and due diligence in preparing their pleadings in the vast number of Hurricanes Laura/Delta lawsuits filed in the Western District of Louisiana,” and ordered the firm to, within 10 days: provide, in camera, a hard copy of the retention and/or engagement contracts for each of the cases; and, for each, clearly identify the lawsuit caption and civil action number.

The Court also sanctioned the firm $200 for (1) each duplicate lawsuit, (2) for any lawsuit previously settled or dismissed, and (3) any lawsuit for damage falling outside the typical geographical area where reported damage was caused by Hurricanes Laura and/or Delta that must be dismissed by the Court.

The Court stayed all of the actions filed by the firm, and further ordered that they “shall not be mass mediated, litigated, or settled.”


Wallace v. Shelter Mutual Insurance Co., No.21-02258 (W.D.La. Oct. 21, 2022).