Mr. Claridge represented a client in a family court case. During the dissolution trial, which was conducted virtually using GoToMeeting, he utilized the chat feature to advise his client how to answer questions on cross-examination. The court was unaware this was happening during trial, but later viewed the chat messages, referred the matter to the State Bar, and issued a minute entry discussing the impropriety of the attorney’s conduct.

By consent, Mr. Claridge was suspended for 60 days, followed by two years of probation, for violation of Arizona Rules 3.4(a)(fairness to the opposing party), 8.4(c)(conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation), and 8.4(d)(conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice).


In re Ryan Patrick Claridge, Arizona State Bar No. 20-2214, PJD No. 2021-9088 (Arizona Jan. 21, 2022).