Following remand of Boudreaux v. La. State Bar Association, 3 F.4th 748 (5th Cir. 2021), the Louisiana Supreme Court promulgated a restatement of Supreme Court Rule XVIII, Section 6 (Purpose and Scope of the Mandatory Bar) to make clear that:

“The LSBA shall limit its activities to those that are constitutionally germane to its purposes, and shall limit its legislative activities to issues involving practice and procedure, the judicial system, access to the courts, the compensation of judges or lawyers, or the legal profession, and to responding to any requests for information received from the legislature.  Any legislative positions on issues within the scope of this rule shall be voted upon and approved in advance by the LSBA’s Board of Governors and thereafter published to members of the LSBA.”


See Order (Sept. 14, 2021).