A collection of essays on the basic issues facing the American legal system, from a social, historical and philosophical perspective. Exploring recent events such as the McDonald’s case, the Tobacco Wars, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the O.J. Simpson trial, this book captures the essential arguments concerning such important issues as free speech, crime and punishment, the two-party system, and tort reform, and then supports them with the critical facts, statistics, and citations to respected authorities. This book is perfect for practicing attorneys, consumer advocates, and members of the press, who wish to be armed with an arsenal of knowledge and information concerning the central legal issues which face Americans today.

I wish I could put a copy of this book in the hand of every American. With remarkable clarity, Steve Herman reviews and explains our legal system to those who are its consumers – lay people and lawyers alike. In many respects, this book is the honest instruction manual for the American legal system that no corporation would ever provide for its product.

– Howard F. Twiggs
President, Roscoe Pound Foundation
Former President, Association of Trial Lawyers of America

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